Buckner International

Dallas, TX

Jennifer and Mace Perez went to their first information meeting at Buckner International with an interest in domestic infant adoption. But God changed their thinking. The Perezes decided to take in emergency foster care placements, meaning they often received a child in the middle of the night who needed to be placed in a home immediately. The child would stay for a short period then be moved to another home.

Saying goodbye was hard, but through it all, Jennifer and Mace learned God was with them even during the challenging times. After seven months, they took in their first foster-to-adopt placement, and their son, Bernard, eventually became a permanent part of their family.

“Sometimes, we’ll look at each other, and we’ll say, ‘He’s not leaving.’ We get to watch him grow up. But the excitement you get as a parent to be able to say, ‘The Lord has allowed us to have you for a lifetime,’ is just unbelievable,” Jennifer said.

Buckner International is a Texas Baptists partner ministry and a Christ-Centered organization that delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable from the beginning to the end of life. When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we help support the ministries of Buckner. Let’s pray for Buckner and the families and children impacted by its ministries.


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